November 21, 2023 Board Meeting

Town of Richmond
Board of Supervisor’s Meeting
November 21, 2023   7:00pm

Chairman Jeff Karbash called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Present: Karbash, Supervisors Dave Overbeek, Steven Wade, Tom Kraus, Susan Miller. Absent – Treasurer Ann Seaver.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Motion to approve the agenda by Overbeek, seconded by Miller, approved unanimously.

Motion by Kraus to approve the minutes of October 24, 2023 Board of Supervisor’s meeting, seconded by Miller, approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s report
Clerk Hayes reports that last month’s treasurer’s report was approved with a contingency to review the balances with the Treasurer which Hayes advises was done and all balances as reported were accurate.
Motion by Miller to approve the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Wade, approved unanimously.

Board reports
Karbash reports most items on agenda, things seem to be proceeding well with the Charter cable installation. Overbeek inquires if we have received the signed addendum to the Hold Harmless agreement with Charter and Clerk Hayes reports that he received an email from Charter with that document signed.

Overbeek – On agenda
Miller – Budget Planning Meeting and on the agenda.
Wade – On agenda
Kraus – On agenda

Sheriff’s Liaison
Officer Hintz announces that although he has taken a new position with the Sheriff’s department, he will remain the Sheriff’s Liaison for Richmond Township. He reports that most reports for the Township are normal with the exception of a slight uptick in Trespassing & Fraud. He reports that there has been an increase in crimes across the board by illegal aliens (Nicaraguans) who have settled in the Whitewater area.

Roadman Report
Mr. McManaway reports he has been putting up snow fence. He has assembled an equipment inventory with estimated useful life of the equipment and estimated replacement costs with priority timeline in support of the budget discussions. He also reports he has completed application for an LRIP grant to assist with funding road improvements. He also reports that someone dumped half a dumpster of garbage on R&D Townline Road and this was reported to the Walworth County Sheriff’s department.

Operator’s License
Denise Marie Cole – sponsored by Snug Harbor
Motion to approve by Kraus, seconded by Overbeek, approved unanimously.

Board Member Term expiration
Karbash announces that the terms of Supervisor 3 (Steven Wade) and Supervisor 4 (Tom Kraus) expire April 4, 2024 and that nomination papers are available from the Town Clerk beginning Friday December 1st, 2023 and must be returned no later than Tuesday January 2, 2024. He further explains that in the event either incumbent wishes to not run for a successive term that a notice of non-candidacy must be filed by Friday December 22, 2023 with the Town Clerk.

Refuse & Recycling Fees for 2024
Karbash reports that recycling fees for the Township increased from $1,908.75 in 2022 to $14,158.75 in 2023. The recycling grant received from the State remained relatively unchanged from 2022 ($5,534) to 2023 ($5,537). The impact to the Town expenditures and Budget as a result was $8,621.75. If that additional cost was allocated equally to the 886 parcels currently receiving garbage collection in the Township this would equate to $9.73 per parcel. Clerk Hayes advises he spoke with Nieuwenhuis Brothers and asked if they anticipated any change in recycling surcharge fees for 2024. Their response was they did not see the recycling surcharge fees changing for 2024.

Motion by Overbeek to add $9.73 to the garbage collection fees for 2024, seconded by Wade, approved unanimously.

Fire Services Contract – City of Delavan
Clerk Hayes advises we have received a signed contract from the City of Delavan signed by their Mayor and attested to by their City Clerk. Hayes explains the revisions in the contract;
– removal of language citing the City’s ability to charge for nebulous costs NOT specified
in a City ordinance
– replaced with a reference to specific charges of $50.00 Hydrant fee and the cost of
water used to combat a fire.
– Provision for a $250 per year Standby fee increase consistent with the previous 3 year
contract,  Year 1 ($10,750), Year 2 ($11,000), Year 3 ($11,250) representing a 2.4%,
2.3% and a 2.27% increase respectively.
– The contract still authorizes the City of Delavan to charge a per call fee of $900

Overbeek explains that charging for water is consistent with the Public Service Commission guidelines. He reports that even as a Street department employee working in the City of Delavan, if he and his department use a hydrant, they have to account for the quantity of water used and pay an inter-department fee to the water department.

Motion by Miller to approve the proposed agreement with the City of Delavan for fire services, seconded by Kraus, approved unanimously.

Radar Run Activities
Mr. Joe Brown requests approval from the Board to host radar run activities at Turtle Lake on January 27, 2024. He reports that they have held the activities in the two previous years successfully and would like to repeat this fund-raising activity again.

Overbeek reports there have been no complaints on this event in past years. Mr. Brown advises the Board they have a plan to utilize additional signage this year to help to clarify the parking and trails to be used.

Deputy Sheriff Hintz advises the Board that last year’s Sheriff’s report on this event showed no issues and by the department’s measure was a success.

Motion by Overbeek to approve the event, second by Wade, approved unanimously.

Public Comment
Mr. Mike Bergman inquires about a $1500 attorney fee referenced at the recent budget planning session.  Karbash explains that one or more Town residents engaged the services of an attorney challenging the procedural posting and appointment of a Deputy Treasurer in closed session alleging an open meetings violation. Karbash explains that our attorney corresponded with this attorney and it was determined we didn’t really violate any laws in the process.

Barb Ceas, former Town Clerk advises that there were some exceptions to the open meeting and that the incorrect statute was cited in the notice.

Karbash then mentions that December 4th we will have a Budget Hearing. He explains that the Board is proposing to increase the Tax Levy and that people are invited to attend and vote on the proposal.

Town resident Sherry Aranda asks the Board why the City of Delavan bills the Town for fire calls instead of billing the property owner. Karbash explains that the City of Delavan does not have the jurisdiction to place an unpaid bill on the tax bill but the Town does have jurisdiction to do so. Aranda then asks about the standby charge portion of fire charges and Karbash explains that the Town includes the standby charge is included in the tax levy.

Overbeek then explains that the City of Whitewater is going to full time on call staffing increasing our standby charges by approximately $50,000. He then explains the “mutual aid” system of support where, depending upon the call, the department that can respond the quickest may get the call. The City of Whitewater is predicting a $225,000 increase in costs. Aranda received a fire call invoice in the amount of $1172. Overbeek explains that $900 is for the call itself and then there is a water charge added depending upon the amount of water used to extinguish the fire.

Payment of Bills
Motion by Miller to approve the bills, second by Overbeek, approved unanimously.

Motion by Overbeek to adjourn into closed session, seconded by Miller, approved unanimously.

Closed Session
Following discussion regarding employee compensation, a motion by Miller to adjourn, seconded by Overbeek, approved unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian Hayes
Clerk, Town of Richmond