August 25, 2020 Board Meeting

Town of Richmond

Board of Supervisors Meeting

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Chairman Jeff Karbash called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Present: Karbash, Supervisors Susan

Miller, Carol Behrens, Dave Overbeek, Tom Kraus. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Motion by Overbeek, Second by Miller to approve the Agenda, passed unanimously. Motion by Behrens, Second by Kraus, to approve the Minutes, passed unanimously.

Motion by Overbeek, Second by Behrens, to approve the Treasurer’s Report, passed unanimously.

Board Reports

Karbash – busy month – Lake Lorraine flooding easement agreement has been signed, Clerk will sign

Engineering contract that has been Okd by our Attorney. Other items on Agenda.

Overbeek – Karbash covered flooding issues; bogs came loose again on Lake Lorraine – had hoped to be finished, but will now take another day, have had many complaints. Have County and DNR permissions to remove bogs. Wally McManaway was called out at 3:00am due to storm damage. Deputy Hintz not here tonight because he is in Kenosha assisting. Many deputies plan to retire.

Miller – thanks to Wally McManaway, utility poles on Territorial have been brought to We Energies’ attention – they say there is no concern. Emailed Darrin Schwanke re 89 & Townline property – new building on 89 is a barn for ag use per County permit – if it is used for other than ag, can complain to County.

Behrens – nothing except Board of Review

Kraus – nothing except Board of Review

Delavan/Darien School District – 2,000 students, not virtual, new English/Spanish curriculum, lots of building updates.

Public Comment – Alba – repairs to Turtle Lake Alley?  Overbeek remarked we are looking for a contractor. Koch – change of meeting date not published – Clerk reviewed that it was decided at July meeting, published in Whitewater Register, Delavan Enterprise, website, posted 3 places in Town.

Certified Survey Maps – David A & Connie J Graves Trust: a.  CSM due to Farm Separation – 1.394 acres from CR 400002 on R&W Townline Road; b.  Parcel Split – 13.286 acres from Parcel CR 400002 on Brown Road. Surveyor Mark Miritz explained reasons for CSMs. Motion to approve by Kraus, Second by Overbeek, passed unanimously.

James O. Jacobson Trust – Clerk explained this CSM had originally been approved in July of 2007; however

Mr. Jacobson failed to register them with the County. He is now deceased, and his son is trying to complete the Estate and the County requires him to request approval again. Motion to approve by Overbeek, Second by Behrens, passed unanimously.

Class B Liquor/Beer License – Badger Bobs LLC, Robert L. Johnson, Agent – after examination of documents, Kraus Moved to approve Robert L Johnson as Agent, Second by Behrens, passed unanimously. Motion by Kraus, Second by Miller, to approve the Class B Liquor/Beer license effective November 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, passed unanimously.

Emergency Siren at Whitewater Lake – Chair explained he had been contacted by a representative from Whitewater Lake – they want to put an emergency siren at the lake and ask the Town to chip in for the purchase. Karbash remarked that it would not serve the rest of the community, and maintenance costs would be large. Motion by Kraus to take no action.  Second by Overbeek, passed unanimously.

Turtle Lake Association Request for Funds for Eurasian Water Milfoil Removal – Linda Szramiak explained the Association asked for the two years $2500 budgeted amounts; and told the methods used to harvest the weeds, as opposed to spraying. Motion by Overbeek to approve $2500 this year and $2500 set aside, for a total of $5,000, since it is used for maintenance of the lake itself, Second by Behrens, passed unanimously.

Safety Committee Appointments – Overbeek stated he had spoken to Dan Kelleher, Jim Hoover, Jason Hintz, Paul Yakowenko (waiting on paperwork), also to Brody Fieldler (also need paperwork), who are willing to serve. Also Overbeek and Kraus as Town Board members. Would like someone living north of County A. Miller suggested Nick Hough. Motion by Behrens to approve all upon receipt of paperwork, Second by Miller, passed unanimously.

Fire & Ambulance Contracts – Karbash remarked that he had hoped the County would find a way to resolve this – not good for the Town to have Sharon be “auto aid” for Darien Fire Department – need to have someone closer. Committee can look into options.

Assessor Contract – proposed contract was received at Board of Review – after examination of the document, Kraus Moved to approve, Second by Overbeek, passed unanimously. Board members noted a good working relationship with Accurate Appraisal – no complaints.

Complaints – Karbash – call re Kohaniak house – consensus to have Karbash call and talk to owner.

Darrel Logterman noted 100 years ago the Women’s Right to Vote was granted, Wisconsin was the first State to ratify the agreement. Selling yard signs for $20 each for a scholarship fund. Karbash – happy to put on next months’ agenda.

Payment of Bills – motion to approve by Kraus, Second by Overbeek, passed unanimously. Motion to adjourn by Overbeek, Second by Behrens, passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Ceas, WCMC Town Clerk