August 2023 Minutes

Town of Richmond

Board of Supervisor’s Meeting

August 15, 2023


Chairman Jeff Karbash called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Present: Karbash, Supervisors Dave Overbeek, Susan Miller, Tom Kraus, Steven Wade, Deputy Treasurer Betsy Sheets. Absent: Treasurer Ann Seaver.

Motion to approve the agenda by Kraus, second by Overbeek, passed unanimously. Motion to approve the July Board meeting minutes by Overbeek, second by Kraus, passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Deputy Treasurer Sheets reports that $124,000 was transferred from the general checking account into a BMO Harris Money Market account to capitalize on the most recent increase in interest rate yields. It was then decided that this left the general checking account with too little funds and so $24,000 was transferred back into the general checking account.

In addition, Treasurer Seaver transferred the remaining ARPA funds original principal amount into a nine month CD at BMO Harris which will yield around 5% earnings on that CD.

Supervisor Miller inquires about the interest that had been earned on the ARPA funds, and Sheets replies that this was left in the previous ARPA fund account and only the principle was transferred into the CD.

Motion by Overbeek to approve the Treasurer’s Report, second by Kraus, passed unanimously. Board Reports Karbash reports that he has been working with Treasurer Seaver on investing Town Funds to maximize returns given the recent increase in interest rates. He also reports that the Board of Review was held on August 10th, 2023.

Overbeek reports that we have been waiting on Charter Spectrum to provide a cash bond to the Township for their plan to do boring for fiber optic cable installation. Overbeek describes the difficulty we have had with Charter insisting that we register on their web site as a vendor which Clerk Hayes has attempted to do without success. Charter did not provide the necessary access credentials to Clerk Hayes resulting in hours of wasted time and effort in this attempt. Overbeek has requested a representative come to visit Clerk Hayes at the Town Hall to obtain the necessary information to proceed.

Overbeek also advises that Walters hauling has requested a multiple hauling permit to haul and disperse manure on farm fields within the Township. Clerk Hayes has forwarded the permit for completion and Overbeek proposes to the Board that a recommended bond amount be $200,000 in the event damage is done to the roads. The Board agrees that this is an appropriate amount for the bond.

Finally, Overbeek reports that an inquiry has been made for potential driveway entrance off of the corner of Holiday Drive and County Trunk A. Both Roadman McManaway and Overbeek have reviewed the site and have concerns about storm water drainage and proximity to the intersection and stop sign. Overbeek advised the party that access off of Holiday Drive isn’t the preferred option and that access off of highway A would be a better choice but that they could develop an engineering proposal and bring it to the Board for review.

Miller reports that she had an inquiry about the Town property for sale. She advised them of the asking price and has not heard anything more.

Wade – on agenda

Kraus – on agenda

Sheriff’s Liaison

Deputy Hintz reported to the Board the number of calls being received and responded to in the local areas for July as;

Whitewater – 250, Richmond – 201, LaGrange 275, Sugar Creek – 235, Troy – 104, LaFayette –370, Spring Prairie – 156, Lyons – 555, Darien – 245. No significant issues in Richmond Township. Caught the person responsible for the burglaries at Wisconsin Pkwy in December and January.


A number of trees down due to inclement weather, mower needed to go in for repairs.

Operator’s Licenses

Snug Lake Harbor – Wendy Mohr

Turtle Lake Tap & Grill – Arika Singkofer, Emily Stark

Motion to approve by Kraus, second by Wade, passed unanimously. Road Designation – ARPA funds

Supervisor Miller suggests reminds the Board that we need to designate the ARPA funds for specific projects by end of 2024 and complete those projects prior to end of 2026. Refers to the listing of road work opportunities prepared by Roadman McManaway.

Overbeek suggests the Board identify specific roads by taking a road tour.

Miller suggests September and after reviewing schedules the Board identifies Saturday

September 23rd, 2023 at 10:30am as the date for the tour.

Miller asks about McFarland Road and the Board discusses its deteriorating status. Overbeek advises that it could be cold patched and Roadman McManaway agrees.

Public Comment

Wayne Redenius on behalf of the Cemetery Association extended his appreciation to Richmond Township for assisting in mowing along the cemetery.

Mike Bergman inquires about a $1600.00 charge on the check report referencing Bergman litigation. Clerk Hayes advises that this was attorney’s fees for the legal defense initiated by Peter Bernegger as a result of the Town of Richmond denying a public records request. Hayes advises that the Walworth County Circuit court has dismissed the case. Mr. Bernegger has the right of appeal.

Payment of Bills

Motion to approve the bills by Miller, second by Wade, passed unanimously. Motion to adjourn by Overbeek, second by Wade, passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Hayes

Clerk, Town of Richmond