April 22, 2024 Board Minutes

Town of Richmond
Board of Supervisor’s Meeting
April 22, 2024 7:00pm
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jeff Karbash at 7;00pm. Present: Karbash, Supervisors Dave Overbeek, Susan Miller, David Alexander, Michael Bergman.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Clerk Hayes advises the Board he has prepared a draft agreement between the Town of Richmond and Charter Communications regarding the hiring of an inspector to monitor restoration efforts throughout the Township and he invites the Board to review the agreement and make recommendations for any updates the Board feels appropriate.
Following a review by the Board, the following updates were identified and subsequently made to the agreement;
1.) Item 5) The Town of Richmond shall submit a monthly invoice to Charter for reimbursement of the compensation for inspection services, payable within 30 days subject to interest accrual at a rate of 15% per month.
2.) Item 6) The inspector shall provide a report of progress at a minimum bi-weekly to both parties detailing the progress of restoration efforts. The report may be written or in the form of email.
3.) Item 7) Restoration efforts that do not meet the previously agreed upon conditions shall be highlighted in the inspector’s report with a picture and email to both parties detailing the sub-standard work. Charter shall be provided 10 working days to remedy the sub-standard restoration.
4.) Item 8) If not remedied within a reasonable time frame, the Town shall have the option of issuing a stop work order.
Karbash asked Clerk Hayes to keep track of his time spent on and advised that Roadman McManaway should do the same. Board members felt that all time spent should be included in some way when invoicing Charter Communications.
Supervisor Overbeek then introduced Dale Wendorf to the Board. Mr. Wendorf is a Richmond Township resident. Mr. Wendorf agreed in conversations with Overbeek that he was interested in this inspector role.
Overbeek advises the Board that he envisions an initial meeting between Wendorf and the Crew Chief for Charter whose name is Cody. Their initial assignment will be to review the restoration efforts completed throughout the Township to date.
Following Board discussions with Mr. Wendorf, motion by Overbeek to appoint Wendorf as Inspector of restoration efforts, seconded by Alexander, approved unanimously.
Clerk Hayes advises that Mr. Wendorf needs to come and see him to provide some personal information for payroll purposes.
Clerk Hayes advises the Board that he spoke with our Insurance contact and that Wendorf will be covered under the Town’s liability policy with minimal effect, if any, on premiums.
Motion to Adjourn by Bergman, seconded by Overbeek.
Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Brian Hayes