April 20, 2021 Board Meeting

Town of Richmond

Board of Supervisors Meeting

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Chairman Jef Karbash called the meeting to order at7:00pm following the Annual Town Meeting. Present: Kabash, Supervisors Susan Miller, Tom Kraus, Dave Overbeek, Carol Behrens. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Kraus to approve the Agenda, Second by Overbeek, passed unanimously. Motion by Overbeek, Second by Kraus, to approve the Minutes of he March meeting, passed unanimously.

Motion by Overbeek, Second by Behrens, to approve the Treasurer’s Report, passed unanimously.

Board Reports

Karbash – everything on the Agenda, had discussion with WW/RL District reps. Overbeek – fairly quiet; toured the roads; Delavan Fire Department wanted to remind people they need to trim trees in driveways – need clearance of 14′ high and 10′ wide in order to allow emergency vehicles, especially in subdivisions with private roads.

Miller – toured roads with Roadman McManaway, very educational

Behrens – nothing

Kraus – nothing

Roadman McManaway – nothing new that is not on written report.

Delavan/Darien School District – Karbash read highlights of report submitted by email. Public Comment – Whitewater School District Superintendent Caroline Pate-Hefty, reported on current and future plans, noted their varsity basketball team took Regionals.

Operator Licenses – Motion by Kraus, Second by Overbeek, to approve Operator Licenses for Maxwell R. Servais & Krystle Stillwagon sponsored by Turtle Lake Tap & Grill; Melinda Kinson sponsored by Badger Bob’s. Passed unanimously.

Chair stated he would move the agenda to allow Southern Wakes United/Minnieska reps to speak. They asked for permission to hold practices and shows as usual near Scenic Ridge when their beach is open.  Motion by Overbeek, Second by Miller, to allow contingent on receiving a Certificate of Insurance. Passed unanimously.

Public Hearing – Conditional Use – TL Capital Inc., dba Turtle Lake Tap & Grill Request Conditional Use to install a 30’x12′ brick patio on the northwest corner of the building to provide 4 outdoor dining tables. Parcel No. CCR00069, located at N6513 Anderson Dr.

Mr. Jeff Hufford presented the request, noted the proposed patio would be in place of the unused horseshoe pits, would have piped in dinner music, their kitchen closes at 9:00pm – all outside service will close at 10:30pm; Chair opened the Public Hearing. One person spoke in favor. Mrs. Kim Alba had previously submitted a letter. Mrs. Alba stated she lived next door to the proposed patio area, across the “alley”. She expressed great concern about noise levels, asked why the patio could not be placed on the south side of the building. Mr. Hufford responded that there were setback and septic issues in that area.  Chair closed the Public Hearing, opened for Board discussion. Suggestions included a privacy fence; outside speakers turned off at 9:00pm; no live music, karaoke, etc. Overbeek noted a conditional use stays with the property even though the ownership may change. Overbeek Moved to recommend approval under the conditions that the area is only for dining; piped in music must be cut off at 9:00pm; no “live” bands or performers; cocktail and food service is cut off at 10:30pm on this deck/patio. Second by Kraus, passed unanimously. Overbeek stated reasons for the approval included the high need for outdoor dining due to the Covid pandemic; it conforms to the current use of the property; owners are willing to work with the closest neighbor regarding the music.

Certified Survey Maps for Farm Separations – Elizabeth Shadel: CR1600010 at N6112 Hwy 89 and CR200004 at N5990 Delaney Rd.  – Motion to approve by Kraus, Second by Overbeek, passed unanimously.

Certified Survey Map for Farm Separation – Richard & Pamela Kraus: CR1600004 at W8608 County Road A – Motion to approve by Overbeek, Second by Behrens, passed unanimously.



Road Bid Opening/Awards – Overbeek opened the sealed bids; Chair read them aloud. Award sheet is attached to these Minutes. Motion by Overbeek, Second by Kraus to award Sealing of Roads with Chips in Place to Scott Construction, passed unanimously. Motion by Overbeek, Second by Kraus, to award the Hot Mix Applied in Place and Rolled to Payne & Dolan, passed unanimously. Motion by Overbeek, Second by Kraus, to award

the Cold Mix Applied in Place and Rolled to Scott Construction, passed unanimously. Since Board members had toured the roads separately, discussion followed on repairs suggested by Roadman McManaway. Motion by Overbeek, Second by Kraus to approve roadwork proposed by Roadman, including Ethelyn, Kenosha, Walworth Woods, and County Line

roads, and riprap repair on R&W causeway, possible road striping and possible chip seal near Natureland Park, depending on how costs come in compared to budgeted amount. Passed unanimously. Overbeek noted we are still waiting for a bill from Boss Enterprises for Turtle Lake Alley.

American Rescue Plan – Process for Use of Expected Funds – Clerk Ceas explained information received to date, that the estimated amount the Town of Richmond should receive in June is $188,014.00. The Town has until December 31, 2024 to use the monies, will need to return any unused funds. It is suggested that a separate bank account be created to track the funds, and a Committee consisting of a Town Board member, possibly our CPA, Town Attorney, and others who may be Town residents. Municipalities are still waiting for exact information on how the money can be used at the township level, although it must be used to alleviate problems and/or shortfalls caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. Chair Moved to appoint Susan Miller as Chair of the Committee, with Clerk

Ceas as a member, and other members to be appointed at a later date. Second by

Overbeek, passed unanimously.

Draft Letter to County Park Committee re High Water Level Drainage Proposal – Clerk submitted the draft drawn up by Chair Karbash and herself. After review and discussion, Overbeek moved to forward the letter with additions, although he is not sure why it is required. Second by Behrens, passed unanimously. Clerk asked if Mr. Roy of the Whitewater/Rice Lakes Management District should get a copy, was told yes.

Municipal Clerks Week Proclamation – Chair read the proclamation for Professional Municipal Clerks Week May 2 through May 8.  Motion to approve by Miller, Second by Overbeek, passed unanimously.

Board of Review Training Opportunities & Wisc. Towns Association Workshops – Clerk asked Board to advise her if/when they wanted to attend any sessions.

Complaints – none, but Overbeek remarked he had received compliments on snowplowing and patching.

Payment of Bills – Motion to approve by Overbeek, Second by Behrens, passed unanimously.

Motion to Adjourn by Overbeek, Second by Kraus, passed unanimously. Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Ceas, WCMC Town Clerk